Ideate visually, anywhere

Whiteboard is the visual collaboration plugin for Adobe XD to bring distributed teams together.

A Real-time canvas designed for collaboration

Whiteboard allows innovative teams to get work done remotely using popular design thinking and agile frameworks as well as freeform drawing while leveraging XD’s real-time Coediting.

Orient your team with design Workshops

Whiteboard organizes workshops by the purpose of your project - whether that’s innovation, gaining empathy for users, team alignment or transforming a business. A powerful process for coming up with new solutions.

Freehand Drawing, directly in Adobe XD

Freehand drawing to give teams more freedom to think outside the box and to help in those times when a picture speaks louder than words.

Learn to use Whiteboard to ideate anytime anywhere

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Whiteboard is a free Plugin for Adobe XD

Create and share designs for websites, mobile apps, voice interfaces, games, and more.

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